Fitness with Ben

Focusing on form and technique through varied styles of movements that will help you succeed in both life and sport. This class uses a combination of strength lifts, body weight movements, and metabolic conditioning.

Rock Bottom

The posterior chain is the most influential muscle group in the body! This class will focus on the muscles related to that chain. (Glutes, Hamstrings, Calf, Obliques, Back and Spine extenders). A healthy posterior chain is a fundamental part of your athletic ability. This all supports the opening of the hip which is the only way we create forward propulsion. If you want to have explosive power in ANY sport this is where it all begins


To avoid injuries in your day to day activities you need to have a strong CORE! This is a whole class geared towards strengthening your CORE! This is the most important building block for any athlete. This will help your posture, balance, control and power. Through the use of your body, Kettlebells, TRX system, BOSU as well as other training aids. The LOFT will work you to the CORE!

Boot Camp

This group class will be fast paced, mostly body weight training. This will be a no one left behind group style training. You will be motivated to push yourself and support others! The Obstacle Course will be used from time to time.

Beginner Obstacle Course Racing

This class is for the first time obstacle course athlete. The main focus will be correct form and technique as we introduce you to the obstacles and various elements of the gym. Learn the fundamentals of Obstacle Course Training

Functional Fitness

This class is a high intensity full body workout. The class is great for toning, balance and strength using functional movements that apply to everyday life such as Carrying, Lifting and Moving.

Obstacle Race Fitness Training

Our Obstacle Race Fitness Training class can help you achieve your OCR goals!! The classes are set up to work on and build on the keys of Obstacle racing, endurance, obstacle confidence and proficiency, Grip Work, and weighted carries. We train these with high intensity exercises that will help you build strength, muscle endurance, and over all cardio endurance. A typical class runs +/- an hour and set up with a warm up, main work out, that always includes use of our indoor obstacle course, finisher exercises, and cool down. We will also train on specific obstacles that most people have trouble with as well (i.e. Ropes, monkey bars, etc). Over all we hope to not only build you strength and endurance, but your confidence in yourself as well. So that when you face a challenge out on the course you will hit it head on and believe that you will succeed.

Upper Body Conditioning

Building your upper body through the use of dumb bells, kettle bells, TRX System and Barbells. A slower paced class focusing and strength building.

Barbell Strength Training

Training for explosive power using Olympic lifts such as Cleans, Presses, Squats, Snatch, and Rows. With a “Form First” atmosphere, each week we will learn new movements and progress on previous ones. Great for strength building and increasing power.


Injury prevention starts with increased mobility and increased recovery time. Here we put in the work for a full hour to make sure we’re taking care of our bodies properly and recovering from the weeks training.


PLYOGA is a 4 part interval training system using the benefits of fundamental & accelerated yoga as an active recovery for plyometric (reactive) movement.